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Latest Episode: Is Buy to Let still a good idea?

Is buy to let still a good option when you consider investment choices? And what options are available for financing buy to let?

Recent Podcast Episodes

  • New Build Opportunities For Landlords Chevron Down IconIcon set Chevron Down

    There is a world of potential for landlords when it comes to new build property. Owen McLaughlin, MD of Countrywide Residential Developments explains why investors should consider it.  


  • The Three Speed Rental Market Chevron Down IconIcon set Chevron Down

    As we emerge out of lockdown and demand patterns start to change, Gráinne Gilmore, Head of Research at Zoopla, gives a fresh insight into what this means for supply and demand in the lettings market.


  • The Scottish Lettings Market Chevron Down IconIcon set Chevron Down

    Listen to our special podcast episode focusing on the lettings market in Scotland….and hear our hot tips on where to invest.


  • The 2 Speed Rental Market Chevron Down IconIcon set Chevron Down

    The pandemic has been a key factor in creating a rental market that has some very real differences depending upon location. Find out why supply and demand can be so varied and what the outlook is with expert insight from Grainne Gilmore, Head of Research at Zoopla.


  • Buy to Let: A Good Time to Invest? Chevron Down IconIcon set Chevron Down

    The needs of tenants are changing and the property market is having to adapt. But is this a good thing when it comes to investing in a Buy To Let property?

    One of our expert letting agents gives the inside track from their own experience.

    Listen here

  • Possession During the Pandemic Chevron Down IconIcon set Chevron Down

    In these unprecedented times, landlords face pressure on their income and many tenants have struggled to pay their rents. We explore the options available to both parties in this fluid landscape.

    Listen here

  • Buildings Safety Bill Chevron Down IconIcon set Chevron Down

    Building owners are to be held more accountable for safety standards in this post-Grenfell world. But what exactly may this mean for landlords and their tenants now and in the future? 

    Listen here

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